Doris Miller Memorial

About Us

This project is being spearheaded by Cultural Arts of Waco, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Waco, Texas.

Mission: to celebrate and promote the community’s diverse artistic and cultural life; develop and enrich its cultural capacity; and champion the economic, social, and educational benefits of the arts in the Greater Waco area and beyond.

Waco Cultural Arts Fest (WCAF) dba Cultural Arts of Waco (CAW).

CAW is rooted in the following values:

Excellence – Fostering excellence in the arts and culture.

Pride– Creating programs that our community can celebrate.

Education – Transmitting creative knowledge and skills.

Integrity – Operating with clear values and sincerity.

Diversity – Bridging a variety of peoples, arts, and cultures.

Commitment – Investing in the future by nurturing arts and people. 

Optimism – Committing courage, energy, and hope to all we do.

The Cultural Arts of Waco also manages the following projects:

CAW realizes these values through several avenues, all free to the public 

  • Waco Cultural Arts Festival, a three-day festival celebrating hands-on “Arts for All”, performance art includes varied musical genres symbolizing the cross cultural power of music and dance.  Attendance has risen from 3,000 to 18,000. Since 2004 the festival has placed educational outreach performances and workshops in the Waco Independent School District investing over $20,000 in school programming for K-12.Creating festivals within a festival WORDFEST/POETRY SLAM  &  {254)DANCE-FESTIVAL
  • Waco National Outdoor Sculpture Invitational, which brings unique sculptures by renowned and emerging artists into Waco’s downtown in order to promote art in public places;
  • Branding the Brazos “Waco Chisholm Trail Heritage” Sculpture, a series of sculptures that pay homage to Waco’s role along the historic cattle-drive trail and enable visitors to visualize Texas folklore, culture and history;
  • Doris Miller Memorial , to honor an awe-inspiring African-American hero while providing a place for remembrance, reflection and learning to honor those that served their country in times of need and  those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.
  • Art at the Arc: a summer day camp for Arc of McLennan County, an organization for intellectually disabled individuals especially autism and cerebral palsy.
  • The Central Texas African-American Heritage Foundation working to fill the Central Texas need for an organization dedicated to the African American experience that also looks to the future through varied arts forms.




CREATIVITY IS A NATURAL HUMAN INSTINCT and a passion of our organization to nurture the arts.